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Posted 10 months ago

With only 1.5 stars (on Nov 30, 2017) and 83 Google reviews Post Office at Mojmírovo námesti is described as slow and with staff that don't...

 Post Offices /  Brno-Královo Pole / 354 views

Posted 10 months ago

The accommodation facilities are primarily intended for staff and students of this Brno University of Technology. The total capacity is 35 beds (31 single and...

 Accommodation for Students in Brno /  Brno-Královo Pole / 419 views

Posted 10 months ago

The mission of Czech Post is to be a trustworthy provider of quality services in the area of mediating information, payments and goods. Czech Post...

 Post Offices /  Brno-Královo Pole / 449 views

Posted 10 months ago

This is the smallest dormitory of Brno University of Technology (BUT), including 266 beds with single and double rooms. The rooms are organized by the...

 Accommodation for Students in Brno /  Brno-Královo Pole / 470 views

Posted 9 months ago

The University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno was founded in 1918. At the moment the university consists of three faculties - Faculty of Veterinary...

 Brno Universities /  Brno-Královo Pole / 485 views

Posted 11 months ago

Technical Museum Brno was founded in 1936 but it started to work in 1948 as a museum of Moravian farming history. At the beginning of...

 Museums /  Brno-Královo Pole / 488 views

Posted 11 months ago

Pharmacy Lékárna u Elišky offers you consultation and complete pharmacy service, constantly updated year-round discounts on vitamins and free sales, discounts for permanent customers and...

 Pharmacies /  Brno-Královo Pole / 505 views

NC Královo Pole


Posted 11 months ago

Nonstop Tesco, over 80 shops, fast food, children's playground, free covered parking, ATMs, currency exchange, pharmacy and car-wash. The commercial gallery,  includes shops like Okay...

 Shopping Malls /  Brno-Královo Pole / 506 views

Posted 10 months ago

The Academy Hall is a part of university complex in Černá Pole, located behind the Arboretum, in the building “Z”, where the Faculty of Regional...

 Accommodation for Students in Brno /  Brno-Královo Pole / 521 views

Posted 10 months ago

The dormitory (which includes 1019 beds) is close to the city center. The single and double bedrooms are equipped with refrigerators and internet connection. On each...

 Accommodation for Students in Brno /  Brno-Královo Pole / 529 views

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