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Posted 11 months ago

The Druhý Pád Theatre is a punk underground theater. The characters in our performances are just as the actors who represent them, and the fate...

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Divadlo Radost


Posted 11 months ago

Radost Theater is the oldest children’s theater of Brno, operating since 1947. In 2014, the theatre celebrated its 65th anniversary of professional activity, which involved...

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Posted 11 months ago

BURANTEATR focuses on producing classic and original plays. It was founded in 2003 by a group of students of the Faculty of JAMU and Jan...

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Posted 1 year ago

Already in the period of the “First Republic”, there were tendencies to create the second drama theatre in Brno, however it was only after the...

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Posted 11 months ago

The Bolek Polívka Theatre was established in September 17, 1993 by one well-known actor of Brno, and it was named after him as well. In...

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Posted 12 months ago

At the Table Theatre (Divadlo U stolu) performs on the basement of Centrum experimentálního divadla (the Centre for Experimental Theatre) in Dům pánů z Fanalu...

 Theaters /  Brno-střed (Brno city center) / 439 views

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