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Posted 7 months ago

At the Table Theatre (Divadlo U stolu) performs on the basement of Centrum experimentálního divadla (the Centre for Experimental Theatre) in Dům pánů z Fanalu...

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Posted 6 months ago

The Bolek Polívka Theatre was established in September 17, 1993 by one well-known actor of Brno, and it was named after him as well. In...

 Theaters /  Brno-střed (Brno city center) / 246 views

Posted 8 months ago

Already in the period of the “First Republic”, there were tendencies to create the second drama theatre in Brno, however it was only after the...

 Theaters /  Brno-střed (Brno city center) / 294 views

Posted 6 months ago

BURANTEATR focuses on producing classic and original plays. It was founded in 2003 by a group of students of the Faculty of JAMU and Jan...

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Divadlo Radost


Posted 6 months ago

Radost Theater is the oldest children’s theater of Brno, operating since 1947. In 2014, the theatre celebrated its 65th anniversary of professional activity, which involved...

 Theaters /  Brno-Zábrdovice / 314 views

Posted 6 months ago

The Druhý Pád Theatre is a punk underground theater. The characters in our performances are just as the actors who represent them, and the fate...

 Theaters /  Brno-střed (Brno city center) / 248 views

Posted 6 months ago

The Feste Theater is a committed cultural platform with a focus on theater art. The theatrical genres and the dramaturgical decisions derive from socio-political problems....

 Theaters /  Brno-jih / 271 views

Posted 7 months ago

The work of the Husa na provázku ('Goose on a String') association, was launched in the autumn of 1967 as an amateur group of professional...

 Theaters /  Brno-střed (Brno city center) / 323 views

Posted 7 months ago

Over forty years of its existence as part of Czech theatre, HaDivadlo has built up its position as an alternative theatre with a particular view...

 Theaters /  Brno-střed (Brno city center) / 292 views

Posted 8 months ago

Janáček Theatre is a part of the National Theatre in Brno. When opened, Janáček Theatre was the largest and technically best equipped theatre in the...

 Theaters /  Brno-střed (Brno city center) / 321 views

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