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Posted 7 months ago

Launch a hydrogen rocket, star in the TV weather report, freeze your own shadow, experience an earthquake, set free a tornado, and get to the...

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Posted 7 months ago

The Toy Museum opened in October 2010, when the Brno City Museum - after a successful exhibition of Milada Kollarova at the Špilberk Castle in...

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Posted 7 months ago

The Moravian Museum’s (founded in 1817) collection includes several million objects, representing valuable scientific material from the fields of literature, music and theater, geology, mineralogy,...

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Posted 7 months ago

Technical Museum Brno was founded in 1936 but it started to work in 1948 as a museum of Moravian farming history. At the beginning of...

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Posted 7 months ago

The Museum of Romani Culture was founded in 1991 at the initiative of Roma intellectuals as a non – profit organization. Since 2005, the museum...

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Posted 7 months ago

The Moravian Gallery in Brno is the second largest art museum in the Czech Republic, established in 1961. It is situated in five buildings: Pražák...

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Posted 7 months ago

The opening ceremony for the Brno City Museum was held on Sunday 18 September 1904. The museum was located in the historical premises of the...

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Anthropos Pavilion


Posted 7 months ago

The Anthropos Pavilion was built in 1962 for the exhibition of the same name created by Prof. Karel Absolon in 1928 and situated originally at...

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