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Posted 11 months ago

Cinema Lucerna was inaugurated in 1913 and it is the oldest screening room in Brno. In 2011, the cinema went under reconstruction to become more...

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Kino Scala


Posted 11 months ago

The cinema, originally called Bio Dopz (short for Society of trade and industrial workers/Družstvo obchodních a průmyslových zaměstnanců), opened December 28, 1929, and originally held...

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Posted 11 months ago

Cinema City Velký Špalíček opened in August 2001 and thanks to its location in the center of Brno, it significantly expanded the leisure activity possibilities....

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Posted 11 months ago

Cinema City Olympia, which is today a traditional target for movie lovers, was opened in October 1999 as the first modern multiplex in the Czech...

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Posted 11 months ago

Since Nov. 2017, Art Cinema has been temporarily operating at the TIC Gallery on Radnické 4 street (1st floor). The cinema building on Cihlářská street...

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