Domestic disturbance - what can we do?  


My girlfriend and I live in a flat below a family who owns a very miserable and sad dog - loud crying and wining when left alone which is it often, and constant barking by just the slightest sound. That could be us flushing our toilet for instance. 

We have been trying to deal with this in numerous ways, first by addressing the complaint directly to the family who then responded by denying it was their dog and blaming the family dog above them. We then resorted to our landlord who advised us to go see the house manager lady who then forwarded the complaint. All this has changed absolutely nothing.

We have even addressed the owner of the above flat and again nothing has changed. By now we are at the point where we just don't know what we can do to stop it, and we are considering to look for a new place against our wishes.

What are the options in terms of law - can anyone help us?

/Allan & Tereza


Dear Alan and Teresa,

unfortunately, there is no universal way how to deal with the case to your full satisfaction and in reasonable time.

However, there are still some possibilities you might try:

  • the dog is extremely barking during the night between 10 pm and 6 am, in such case it might be considered as disturbing the night peace at night and police might be involved. Probably no proceeding will be started but it might strengthen the pressure on your neighbours.

  • In case your neighbours are tenants and not owners of the apartment you can address to the owner, as they may be violating their lease agreement by causing troubles to other tenants, it may but does not have to be one of reasons for termination of their agreement.

  • You might ask your landlord that he negotiates with other owners and they might agree on some rules within the house.

Nevertheless, as stated above, there is no universal and effective tool how to force them to do something about it and faster will probably move to some other place, anyway.

If you would like to discuss details please do not hesitate to contact us.

Barbora attorney at law,

Thank you Barbora,


We are very happy for your reply.


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