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Most Czechs Do Not Think Parents Have To Be Married, Says Survey

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Over 60% of Czechs think it is not necessary for the parents of children to be married if the family lives together, while 85% agree that divorce is an acceptable solution in the case of a dysfunctional family, according to a survey by the Centre for Public Opinion Research (CVVM).

In addition, almost half of the respondents think that same-sex couples should be able to marry.

According to CVVM, which surveyed 951 people over the age of 15 between March and June, Czech society is now more tolerant on all the issues included in the study.

Nearly three-quarters of people said it was okay for a couple to live together without planning a wedding. A total of 63% said it was not necessary for parents to be married if they live with their offspring, and 60% do not think that parental marriage is important for raising children.

Roughly the same proportion do not think that people need to get married first if they want to have children. One in eight respondents consider marriage to be an unnecessary institution, while 64% of people disagree.

When the family is not functional, 85% of Czechs consider divorce an acceptable solution. A total of 47% said that a mother or father can raise an offspring as well as both parents together. Over 60% of respondents also disagreed that divorced or single people are less respected in society.

47% of people responded that a same-sex couple can raise a child just as well as a couple consisting of a man and a woman, up from 31% in 2017. This figure rises to 56% for the women included in the survey, but drops to 38% for male respondents. 

48% of people think that same-sex couples should be able to marry, up from 34% in 2017; 59% of women and 38% of men expressed this opinion, while 35% are against it.

Almost three-quarters of people say a family with two children is the most suitable. Around 20% of respondents said three children, while 6% said one child. The number of people who think that the ideal age for a first child is over 30, has increased.

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