Credit: SAKO Brno

SAKO Brno Launches First Garbage Truck With Integrated Hydraulic Crane

Brno’s municipal waste company SAKO Brno has unveiled its first garbage truck with an integrated tilting hydraulic arm, used to deal with the city’s network of underground garbage containers. For SAKO Brno, this means at least a 300% saving in time and fuel.

“This is a completely different system of balancing underground and semi-underground containers,” said Pavel Urubek, chairman of the board of directors of SAKO Brno. “Until now, waste was transported in bulk in large-volume containers. The new collection truck with an integrated hydraulic crane can also compress the waste.” 

The hydraulic crane can compress the waste, allowing the truck to hold several times the amount of waste. Credit: SAKO Brno

Thanks to the press system, the collection chamber of the new garbage truck can hold three to four times more waste than a bulk container. According to the results of trials, the garbage truck with a hydraulic crane travels approximately 500 kilometres less per month, compared to large-volume container vehicles. The arm of the hydraulic crane can carry up to four tons of waste at once, exerts a working pressure of 36 MPa, and extends to a distance of ten metres.

SAKO Brno currently operates 49 underground and semi-underground containers for plastic, paper and glass in the City of Brno, each with three to five times the capacity of the plastic containers for separated waste.

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