Credit: Urban Centrum Brno

Brno Cyclo Stories: Exhibition On Brno’s History of Cycling Opens This Week In Old Town Hall

From Thursday, 13 June, to 26 July, the ‘Brno Cycle Stories’ exhibition, focusing on the development and future of bicycle transport in Brno, will be hosted in the Urban Center at the Old Town Hall.  The inauguration of the exhibition will take place at 5pm this afternoon. 

The exhibition will also feature an accompanying program in the form of bike rides, a mobile bike workshop and a debate. It is intended not only for enthusiastic cyclists, but for anyone who wants to learn more about the possibilities and advantages of bicycle transport. 

Visitors will get acquainted not only with the current broad context of urban cycling, but also with specific plans and visions for the future development of the relevant infrastructure in Brno.

The exhibition will also include personal stories of cyclists and their motivations for cycling around the city, further supplemented by the key takeaways from a recent survey which collected the opinions, experiences and suggestions of Brno’s cyclists.

“Cycling is an important element of sustainable mobility in cities,” said Petr Kratochvíl, Brno city councillor for transport. “We want cycling to be safe in Brno and to be a natural part of everyday life. This exhibition is a great opportunity to familiarise the public with our plans and at the same time present the importance and potential of urban cycling for Brno and life in it.” 

Admission to the exhibition is free, visiting hours are 10am-6pm, from Monday to Friday.

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