Credit: Railway Administration

Kralovo Pole Train Station To Be Demolished Next Week Ahead of Reconstruction

Kralovo Pole train station has been closed to the public and will undergo a radical transformation in the next months.

Demolition work will begin on Monday and is expected to take approximately one month, according to Nela Eberl Frieb, spokeswoman for the Railway Administration

In the meanwhile passengers will reach the platform via a temporary sidewalk to the left of the building, after crossing the tracks. In place of the station there will be a temporary waiting room with a cash desk.

The demolition of the more than 70-year-old building is due to its poor condition and its excessive size for today’s needs. Apart from the reconstruction of the entire station, adjacent track sections have also been involved, causing the partial restriction of train traffic in the direction of Kurim over recent months.

Credit: Railway Administration

Gradually the tracks at the station will be rebuilt, in order to increase the capacity to park long-distance trains, and selected tracks will be extended for the needs of freight transport.

New platforms with modern roofing will replace the old ones, the new station building will be connected to the platforms, and the existing underpass will be widened and extended across the station to Myslínova. Elevators will facilitate the access of disabled people to the trains.

The new two-storey building will include cash desks, office space, commercial outlets, and toilets located on the ground floor. Escalators in the middle of the hall will lead to an elevated area with benches for passengers.

The railway administration will pay almost CZK 3 billion for the reconstruction of the station, the new hall, and the modernization of adjacent sections, which should be completed by the end of next year.

Even Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala, who is from Brno, expressed his satisfaction when the project was announced last year: “Investments in the modernization and development of railways and other transport systems are important not only for the development of the Czech economy,” he said. “They are also a means of getting fellow citizens to use public transport to an even greater extent. As a resident of Brno, I am also pleased that the modernization of railway stations is taking place even in the South Moravian metropolis.”

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