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March 2024 Was The Warmest Ever Recorded In The Czech Republic

This March was the warmest March in the Czech Republic since 1961, with an average temperature of 7 degrees Celsius, 3.8 degrees higher than the average for 1991-2020, according to preliminary data from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMU) released yesterday.

After an extremely warm February, this is another record warm month in a row.

Meteorologists recorded the hottest March to date in 2014, and this year’s March was 0.8 degrees Celsius warmer.

“During the month, we recorded several significantly warm periods with average daily temperatures more than 4 degrees Celsius above normal. The end of the month was the warmest; on 30-31 March, the average air temperature in the Czech Republic was more than 8 degrees Celsius above normal,” said CHMU.

Temperature records were beaten at many Czech weather stations in the last days of March, but the summer day limit of 25 degrees Celsius was not exceeded.

The first report of more than 25 degrees Celsius this year came yesterday, 1 April, when temperatures of 26 degrees Celsius were reported in Karvina, north Moravia. Last year, meteorologists recorded the first summer day about a month later.

In addition to March, February was also exceptionally warm, even warmer than March in most years. The average temperature in February was 5.7 degrees Celsius, 6.1 degrees more than the standard in 1991-2020

However, while February was rich in precipitation, with more than 150% of the normal rainfall level on average across the country, March was rather normal in this respect, on the border of an average and below average month, said CHMU.

The meteorologists note that the data are preliminary, and a more detailed weather assessment for March will be published in the first half of April.

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