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Planned Suspension of Brno-Tisnov Trains Extended Due To Complications In Demolition of Bridge

Trains between Brno and Tišnov were to be suspended overnight on Tuesday to allow for the demolition of the bridge at Merhautova. However, according to Brnensky Denik, complications with the procedure meant the tracks remained closed on Wednesday morning; the closure was extended first until midday, but will now continue through the afternoon rush hour.

The demolition workers were supposed to divide the existing structure of the Merhautova bridge into four parts, before gradually removing them. However, they encountered complications while carrying this out, due to the condition of the bridge.

“The bridge is old and one of the girders has cracked,” explained Roman Hanák, director of Road Administration and Maintenance of the South Moravian Region. “It had to be reinforced while the workers were waiting for a special crane to help them remove the broken beam.” 

According to Hanák, no major construction complications or significant delays are expected on Merhautova. However, it is not possible for trains to run under the broken beam for safety reasons.

“We expect that the shutdowns will last until the beginning of the afternoon rush hour. According to the latest information, they could come back into commission between 2pm and 3pm in the afternoon, or later,” said Kordis director Jiří Horský, quoted by Brnensky Denik.

In the meantime, passengers travelling by train from Brno to Tišnov must travel to the railway station in Králové Pole. “During the afternoon rush hour, there will be buses running between the main station and Královo pole nádraží to ensure the connection,” added Horský.

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