Criminal Negligence Suspected as Nine Injured In Tram Accident Near Brno’s Crematorium

Nine people were injured when two trams collided in Brno last week. The incident took place at 5.30pm on Wednesday, 27 December on Jihlavská, at the Krematorium stop, when the driver of a tram coming from the city centre failed to brake for another tram that was already standing at the stop. Four people were moderately injured, while the others escaped with minor injuries. “We helped with the treatment and transport of the injured. We didn’t have to cut anybody out,” said the Fire department of South Moravia. 

“We are investigating the case on suspicion of the crime of public endangerment due to negligence,” said police spokesman Pavel Šváb. However, the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

According to the Brno Transport Company, the combined damage to the trams is at least CZK 300,000.

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