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Police Conclude Investigation Into Prague’s Dosimeter Corruption Case

The police have charged more than ten people in the Dosimeter case. Photo credit: Freepik.

Prague, March 30 (CTK) – Police in Prague have completed the investigation into the Dosimeter corruption case related to the Prague Public Transport Company (DPP), according to reports today from Denik N. Former Prague deputy mayor Petr Hlubucek and DPP financial director Matej Augustin are among those who have been charged as a result of the investigation.

Supervising public prosecutor Adam Borgula told Denik N that the police had ended the investigation and set dates for reviewing the criminal files for the individual suspects in the case. This will probably take several weeks.

The police have charged more than ten people in the Dosimeter case. The organised group around Hlubucek (formerly STAN) and businessman Michal Redl systematically filled key posts in DPP in such a way that appointed managers could influence tenders and solicit bribes from the “winning” companies.

The investigation was launched in June 2022.

Denik N wrote three months ago that one of the accused, entrepreneur Pavel Dovhomilja, had started cooperating with the police in exchange for more lenient punishment. Dovhomilja told the police how the organisation worked and how it influenced DPP contracts.

The case led to the resignation of Education Minister Petr Gazdik, one of the founders of the Mayors and Independents (STAN). MEP Stanislav Polcak suspended his membership of STAN over his contacts with Redl, though he renewed his membership earlier this month. Contacts with Redl were also the reason for Petr Mlejnek’s resignation as head of the Czech civilian intelligence service UZSI, and Jana Mrackova Vildumetzova (ANO) stepped down as deputy chair of the Chamber of Deputies over links to another businessman implicated in the case.

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