credit: Národní divadlo Brno, via. Facebook.

Martin Glaser Will Continue To Direct The Brno National Theatre

Glaser will remain in his role for the next five years. Photo credit: Národní divadlo Brno, via Facebook.

Brno, Jan 19 (BD) – At a meeting on 18 January, Brno City Council took note of the evaluation of the term in office of Martin Glaser, Director of the Brno National Theatre. Glaser will remain in his role for the next five years.

“The last five years have been challenging for the Brno National Theatre,” said the Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková. “The reconstruction of the Janáček Theatre was completed, but the operation was almost stopped by the pandemic of the COVID-19 disease.” 

However, she said that the council values and appreciates Glaser’s leadership. “All the theatre companies are developing, the theatre organises successful festivals, and performances are often held in unconventional venues. For these reasons, we have decided to confirm Mr. Glaser as director of the Brno National Theatre for another term.” 

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