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A Wide Range of Cultural and Recreational Activities Taking Place This Weekend In Brno

From science to stage to fashion to sports, this weekend Brno is full of activities for everyone. Photo Credit: Czech Wheelchair Basketball Association.

Brno, Oct. 1 (BD) – This weekend’s cultural events in Brno will cater for a wide range of interests, from horse racing, fashion, and theatre events, as well as “Theatre for All”, “Night of Researchers”, and the 5th round of the Czech Wheelchair Basketball Cup, etc.

“Theatre for all” is part of the program to celebrate 30 years of the Experimental Theatre Centre, but could also be the subtitle of the entire event. This event will be held at the Husa na provázku Theatre on 1 October at 3 pm. In the theatre, participants will be able to see exhibitions, work behind the scenes, and attend debates.

This theme of this year’s “Night of Researchers” is our senses, and like every year, opens the doors of science and research institutes not usually accessible to the public. This event is prepared by the Science Centre and the Technical Museum, and visitors can also see into the laboratories of Mendel University, Brno University of Technology, and the Academy of Sciences.

In addition, “Little Night of Fashion ” will be performed on Friday and Saturday evenings in the ceremonial hall of the Židenice Cemetery, which is usually closed to the public. The Saturday panel will be held at the Spot Club on Zdenece and Přadalaska.

The last horse race of the year will be held at the Brno-Dvorska track. A total of eight races will go ahead, five flat races and three steeplechase races, starting with the first race at 13:30. The accompanying program will offer races with pony league representatives and carriage rides.

Motorcycle races are also being held at the Masaryk circuit, where the second Milan-Stasa Grand Prix will bring more than 300 competitors from eight European countries to the Brno racecourse. The weekend will feature motorcyclists of the natural circuit as well as from the International Alpe Adria Championship.The fifth round of the Czech Wheelchair Basketball Cup will be held on Sunday at Purkyňovo Gymnázium. Players from Brno will compete against teams from Pardubice and Prague.

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