Latest Edition Of Kam V Brně/Where In Brno Out Now!

WHERE in Brno in October? The latest edition of the cultural magazine KAM v Brně (WHERE in Brno), with its dedicated English section at the back, has plenty of tips on how to spend your time! Photo Credit: KAM v Brně.

Brno, October 1 (BD) – Wondering what the city has to offer in these bleak autumn days? Well, the best thing to do is read WHERE in Brno to find out what’s going on during October. You can look forward to the start of a new club season, premieres of plays and films, concerts and other entertainment. The magazine also has a dedicated English section at the back of the magazine, as well as the best tips on what to do in your free time.

The October edition of WHERE also contains an interview with Adam Vodička, founder of the Anybody Hotel – a place where you can enjoy a night with your lover in the form of an exciting game. There is also a featured photo report on cafes in Brno. Reading these articles can be a great exercise if you are learning Czech. 

Where to find WHERE? At all the regular places like cultural institutions and restaurants, but we recommend subscribing. Do you want to support the creators of the magazine? You can have KAM v Brne/WHERE in Brno delivered straight to your mailbox every month. With our special autumn deal you will also get the FOOD & DRINK BRNO magazine about Brno gastronomy! Get a subscription at

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