Impact Hub and E.ON To Host Hackathon Focused On Energy Communities

The winning team will design a useful app and receive CZK 300,000 for its further development. Photo Credit:Freepik

Brno, Sept. 23 (BD) – From 21-23 October 2022, a hackathon and discussion panel on modern energy will take place at Impact Hub, the coworking centre on Cyrilska, attended by environmentalists and innovators, developers and analysts, university students, people working in the energy sector, and representatives of energy startups. Interested parties will assemble a research team to design a prototype app targeted at energy communities. The winning group will be supported with CZK 300,000 to further develop their project.

“Energy communities are coming to the forefront for energy companies and end users alike,” said Denisa Bajánková, project manager at EG.D, a member of the E.ON Group. “Teams assembled from different professions will design a prototype app that will help homeowners make the decision to create an energy community, make it easier to operate and manage, and bring them insights into the energy savings achieved. The app will also provide an overview of the production, consumption, and amount of shared energy and will motivate community members to save more.” 

During the hackathon, there will also be a kick-off lecture session on energy communities, open to the public. In their presentations, industry experts will explain the new energy community model applicable from next year, its benefits, and its impact on the distribution network.

“In the opening session, we will discuss current energy trends. Participants will learn how to manage energy and why to use green energy. In addition, they can get in touch with experts in the field,” said David Šeda, Project Manager at EG.D, a member of the E.ON Group. Participation is free on all days; only registration is required.

“Impact Hub is a space where we have been striving for positive change for a long time, discussing social and environmental issues and trying to find and support innovative solutions,” said Ondřej Durkáč, coordinator of the event and manager of the Impact Hub. “Hackathons and conferences are two of our proven formats. This event is another contribution on the road to sustainability and we hope that its benefits will be clearly visible.”Those interested in participating in the hackathon can apply until 30 September 2022, on the event website. More detailed information can be found on the hackathon website.

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