Credit: Monika Hlaváčová

Špilberk Castle Switches To More Energy-Efficient Illumination System

More energy-efficient and economical LED spotlights replace monochromatic lamps to light up Špilberk Castle at night. Photo credit: Monika Hlavacova / Pocket Media.

Brno, Sept. 22 – (BD). The walls of Brno’s most famous landmark, Špilberk Castle, will from now on be illuminated more efficiently and, above all, more economically. The old monochromatic luminaires are replaced by new LED spotlights, partly with RGBW technology. The new luminaires will allow better work with colours and are also wirelessly controlled.

The facade lighting of Špilberk has two circuits. For the outer one, 20 original metal halide luminaires are being replaced by an equal number of new LED spotlights, which will allow the walls to be illuminated in white with a chromaticity temperature of up to 3,000 K.

More significant changes will take place in the inner circuit. “The chosen technical solution allows us to change the colour scenes when lighting the northern terrace of the castle, which can be used on various occasions, such as important days or events,” said the Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková. “In addition, both circuits will use wireless technology for communication and control, which is also used by Brno Technical Networks for public lighting. The indisputable advantage is also a considerable financial saving. The power consumption of the 96 LED floodlights installed in both circuits is a third less than before.”

The project for the complete renovation of the façade lighting of Špilberk Castle is being carried out by the municipal company Technical Networks Brno (TSB), in cooperation with DATmoLUX, a. s., which has long been providing the supply and service of the public lighting control system for the city. This wireless control system enables the monitoring of all public lighting switchboards in the city, including power control, from a central TSB workstation, and also the collection of data from all new LED luminaires that are put into operation. This is the first time in the Czech Republic that this wireless control system has been used on such a large scale to control 76 RGBW luminaires in the ceremonial lighting of a city landmark.

The City of Brno provided TSB with an investment subsidy of CZK 4.9 million for the renovation work on the castle.

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