SAKO Brno To Increase Number of Electric Charging Stations In The City From 50 To 300

CTP and SAKO are joining forces to provide Brno with a significant increase in the number of charging stations. Photo Credit: Freepik

Brno, 10 Sept. (BD) – The number of electric vehicle charging stations in Brno will be significantly increased. SAKO Brno will increase the planned 50 heating plant stations to 300, which will be installed in CTPark Líšeň and will provide electricity produced by SAKO Brno through the use of waste for energy. This technology will be realised through a memorandum of cooperation between the development company CTP and the municipal waste collection and management company SAKO Brno. The office and business park in Líšeň is already heated by hot water produced by SAKO Brno.

“Our building complex is close to the CTP campus in Líšeň and it makes sense to bring hot water and electricity to it. In the future, we hope that these charging stations will be powered by solar energy from photovoltaic panels,” says Filip Leder, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SAKO Brno. In addition to the charging station in Líšeň, SAKO Brno plans to build two more large charging stations, designed for use by the public and to power electric collection vehicles.

Another key point of the memorandum is cooperation in the production of green hydrogen using electrolyzers. The hydrogen produced will be used for industrial applications or as a green fuel for logistics and transport infrastructure. 

“With the technical support of SAKO, we are able to produce large amounts of energy directly within the territory of the city of Brno and consume it immediately,” said Petr Hladík, 1st Deputy Mayor of Brno. “Thus, we are able to achieve energy independence without the need to import energy from other cities or through other suppliers. I am glad that the municipal company is involved in electric mobility, and I appreciate the city’s cooperation with the private sector.”

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