Klára Kollárová Appointed National Sommelier of the Czech Republic

Klára Kollárová, the National Sommelier of the Czech Republic. Photo Credit: NVC

Czech Republic, 9 Sept. (BD) – Moravian and Czech wines are starting to make a name for themselves in the world of wine because of the unique Czech soil, climate and the approach of the winemakers. Therefore, these wines now have a need for proper and bigger promotion in the national and international market. This is the main reason why the position of National Sommelier was created within the National Wine Centre, now to be held by the leading Czech sommelier, Klára Kollárová.

As the national sommelier, Kollárová will work primarily with winemakers and sommeliers, but also with professionals and the general public. She will be involved in wine education at all professional levels in a planned series of workshops and comparative tastings. As well as evaluating and discussing wines at the National Wine Centre, she will also help winemakers enter the business environment. She has over 20 years experience in the industry, holding a variety of positions both directly related to sommelier and wine-tasting, as well as managerial and commercial positions.

“My first goal as a national sommelier is to boost our country’s understanding of wine and its culture,” said Kollárová. “I aim to be more open and efficient in my interactions with industry and, especially, the general public. Simply put, our people should know what to drink, why to drink it, and what special experiences to expect from our wines.”

“Then we can promote it to the international market in such a way that more foreign customers will enjoy and become aware of Moravian and Czech wines,” she continued. “Of course, we would like to attract foreign wine enthusiasts to the Czech Republic so they may enjoy our wines and services in a unique setting and tell others about their experience when they return home. That is our idea for word-of-mouth marketing.” 

Kollárová, 45, is a leading Czech sommelier who has turned her interest in wine and winemaking into her life’s work. She graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Cultural Studies at Charles University. While still studying at university, she gradually began to educate herself in the field of wine and winemaking, She is a certified Fine and Rare Wine Specialist and has successfully completed the WSET Diploma in Wine and Spirits. Until 2022, she was the head sommelier and co-owner of Vinograf Wine Bar. She worked for many years at the Michelin-starred restaurant La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise. Since 2021, she has been selecting and recommending mainly Moravian wines for the Albert supermarket chain’s private label “Sommelier Collection”. In the past, she has also been involved in the promotion of Moravian and Czech wines in collaboration with the Wine Fund, appearing in educational videos as a guide to the world of wine.

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