St. Anne’s Hospital Pharmacy Offers Walk-In Glucose and Cholesterol Measurement

In addition to blood pressure measurement, the pharmacy will now also measure people’s blood glucose and cholesterol levels. Photo Credit: sv. Anny v Brně.

Brno, 5 Sept. (BD) – Since the beginning of September, the Hospital Pharmacy at St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno has been offering a new service to the public. Anyone interested can have their blood sugar and cholesterol measured at the consultation centre on Hybešova as a preventive measure to avoid possible serious complications such as diabetes mellitus or cardiovascular disease.

“At the Hospital Pharmacy Consultation Centre, we have long been dealing with patients who want advice on how to take medication correctly, how to combine it with food supplements, and we also remind them of various preventive measures and lifestyle changes. In addition to offering blood pressure measurement, we now also offer assisted blood glucose and cholesterol measurement, especially for people who are not yet being treated for these problems,” said Dr Marek Lžičař.

Self-monitoring of blood glucose and other parameters is an integral part of the treatment of diabetes mellitus and diseases of the cardiovascular system. Moreover, some diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension or dyslipidemia, are hidden and only become apparent when more serious complications arise. Early detection of still invisible changes is useful because it can prevent more serious complications. “Measurements can help people find out if they have higher cholesterol levels that, combined with other risk factors (smoking, age, obesity), can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, including complications such as acute myocardial infarction or stroke,” Lžičař explained. 

A qualified expert will guide the customer through the entire measuring process at the counselling centre on Hybešova. “The results of the measurements are, of course, mainly indicative and do not serve in any way to diagnose the disease,” said Lžičař. “Therefore, it is not a service that can in any way replace biochemical medical examinations read by a medical specialist, but a generic analysis for people who have not been treated and therefore potential patients.” 

Those interested in assisted blood glucose or cholesterol measurement can arrange a visit to the Hospital Pharmacy’s Consultation Centre in advance, either in person or by telephone on 543 182 164. Self-monitoring of blood glucose is carried out free of charge by pharmacists, while cholesterol measurement is charged at CZK 100 per measurement due to the financial requirements of the equipment used.

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