Brno To Participate In European Heritage Days, To Reveal More About Its Folklore Culture

Fifty European countries are participating in the European Heritage Days, which aim to promote Europe’s diverse cultural heritage. Photo Credit: Michal Růžička / TIC BRNO

Brno, 3 Sept (BD) – This year’s European Heritage Days are themed around sustainability at the European level. For the 21st time, TIC BRNO is participating in this project and has prepared seven visits, two conferences and one fundraising auction for the two day event on 17-18 September.

“We look at the topic of sustainability from different perspectives,” said Jana Janulíková, director of TIC BRNO, presenting this year’s project line-up. “For example, we look at successfully renovated buildings, such as Czech Radio Brno and the Grandhotel Brno. We will discover two gems in the residential area of Hlinky. However, we will also approach the values of popular culture as a carrier of cultural heritage.” 

Popular culture, its use and misuse, will be the subject of a conference entitled “Folk Culture: a Phenomenon of the Past and the Future”, organised in cooperation with the Memory of the Nation association. In addition, a guide will introduce visitors to Moravian heritage in the Palace of Nobles, focusing in particular on the UNESCO Representative List of Folk Culture Heritage. The folklore heritage tour will end at the Podluží Costume Charity Exchange, the income from which will go towards the restoration of green areas after the tornado in Moravská Nová Ves and Mikulčice last year.

Every year since 1985, the European Heritage Days have highlighted interesting topics in relation to the monuments, culture and historical wealth of Europe. Photo Credit: Michal Růžička / TIC BRNO

Those interested will be able to learn more about the history of the transformation of old abandoned buildings or about the upcycling of construction waste, during the lecture: ‘Building conversion as a practice of the KOGAA architecture studio’. The history of the textile industry will also be explored during a guided tour of the Secondary School of Art and Design and the Higher Vocational School in Brno. The tours will deal with different textile technologies, and textile looms, tailoring machines and the Art protis production technology will be on display. 

The European Heritage Days visits will end with a guided tour of the oldest confectionery and café in Brno, the functionalist Zeman Confectionery.

The complete programme of this year’s European Heritage Days in Brno is available here

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