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Czech Government Approves First Package of Measures To Curb Bureaucracy

The first package will be followed up by others, with further measures to facilitate complicated legislative changes. Photo Credit: Freepik

Prague, Sep 1 (CTK) – The Czech government yesterday approved the first package against excessive bureaucracy, which will prepare measures to curb the administrative burden on businesspeople, the civil service and individuals, Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) told journalists.

The plan requires individual ministries to draft the relevant legislative solutions to the proposals by the end of the year. Subsequently, the ministries will draft partial changes in the legislation that will pass through the government’s routine legislative process.

The Chamber of Commerce has praised the government for approving the anti-red tape package. Nevertheless, despite this, there are a growing number of obligations for business owners that are not associated with business, said Chamber of Commerce President Vladimir Dlouhy.

He said there was still a lack of a systemic approach to the elimination of the administrative and bureaucratic burden on businesses in the Czech Republic.

Businesses complain about vague legislation and demand that the government cancel the duty to provide data which the state does not use at all.

“The anti-bureaucratic package has also opened a debate on the preparation of concrete measures that are to reduce the administrative burden on businesses, the civil service and individuals,” said Minister for Legislation Michal Salomoun (Pirates), who presented the report to the government.

He said the report was also inspired by Slovakia, where the fifth package of simplifying measures had been introduced.

The Czech package highlights the issue of blocking bookkeeping in a foreign currency.

The government material says the Finance Ministry should use the accountancy bill and enable accounting reporting, tax returns and payment in a foreign currency, specifically in euros.

The Labour and Social Affairs Ministry is to remove the administrative burden for employers in the form of compulsory compilation of timetables for holidays from the Civil Code.

The Health Ministry will cancel the duty to provide medical examinations for employees in certain cases.

Representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, business owners, and self-employed people have identified dozens of unnecessary obligations. The first package will be followed up by others, with further measures to facilitate complicated legislative changes.

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