Printed Commercial Advertising To Be Banned From The Centre of Brno

No more advertising in the city centre. Photo credit: Freepik

Brno, 26 Aug (BD) – The litter and mess caused by scattered or discarded advertising materials in the historical city centre of Brno should disappear as a result of an amendment approved yesterday by Brno City Council. The Council issued an amendment to the Brno Statutory City Regulation, prohibiting advertising in public places outside the premises in question.

“We have satisfied the request of Brno-střed district, to add certain types of media to the municipal regulation governing the dissemination of advertising, because they want to actively address the pollution of streets, parks and other public spaces with flyers, business cards or printed advertising materials in the city’s conservation zone. The ban on such advertising does not apply to political campaigns, such as information stands or election rallies,” said Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková.

The ordinance currently regulates certain types of advertising not only in the historical centre of the city, in Brno-Střed, but also in the Brno-Bohunice, Brno-South, Brno-North and Brno-Stary Lískovec districts. Each of those districts has established a specific range of media through which it limits the dissemination of unaddressed advertising in its district. 

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