South Moravia Will Be The First Region In The Czech Republic To Run Local Electric Trains

On Sunday, 28 August, the inauguration of the new vehicles will also include the opportunity of a ride on an old-fashioned steam train. Photo credit: IDS / JMK

Brno, 22 Aug (BD) – The first electric trains for use in the South Moravian region will arrive in Brno for their official presentation over the last weekend of August. In 2020, the region ordered 37 electric vehicles from the manufacturer Škoda Transportation. The incoming units will cover around 45% of the connections in the region. On Sunday, 28 August, it will be possible to take a tour with the vehicles from Brno’s main station from around 10am to 3pm.

South Moravia will thus be the first region in the Czech Republic to have electric trains. The new vehicles are 31 four-component units with a capacity of 333 seats, plus a further six two-component units with 146 seats. The trains are expected to reach a maximum speed of 160 kilometres per hour. Both the four- and two-component units will be unveiled at the main station, and will be put into operation gradually over the coming months.

Also at the station, on the same day, the future and the present will converge, with a special steam train ride to Vyškov for an old-time journey celebrating the South Moravian Harvest Festival. The train will depart Brno at 11:07 in the morning from platform 6 at Brno’s main train station. It is scheduled to arrive in Vyškov around noon, returning to Brno at 15:41. 

“I am very excited that a special steam train will be used for the harvest festival. I loved it as a child,” said South Moravia Governor Jan Grolich. “And before the departure it will be possible to see the state-of-the-art Moravia trains that the region has recently acquired.”

Due to the high demand for travel on the steam train, the company recommends purchasing tickets in advance from the IDS JMK e-shop. It may be that, due to severe drought and the threat of fire, the steam locomotive will be replaced by a diesel locomotive. In this case, a full refund or the difference between the price of steam and diesel trains is guaranteed.

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