Home For The Elderly On Nopova To Be Replaced By New, Modern Nursing Home

The City of Brno and the BeneVita Group have signed on to a new project to build accommodation for 300 elderly people. The old building on Nopova in Brno-Židenice will be demolished to make way for a modern facility. Construction is expected to be completed in 2027. Photo credit: LIVINGSTAV

Brno, August 2 (BD) – A new nursing home for the elderly will be built in Brno through a 30-year partnership between the public and private sectors. The new building will replace the existing nursing home on Nopova, and the surrounding area will also undergo transformation.

The nursing home on Nopova in Brno-Židenice has long failed to meet modern standards for such facilities. Over time, it has become clear that the most practical solution is not reconstruction, but a completely new building tailored to the needs of the elderly.

After the demolition of the old building, a new facility will be constructed with five floors plus a basement, offering a total of 300 beds, 75 more than the current home. The facility will also have a private garden, a green roof and a terrace on each floor. There will be a total of 10 wards – two on each floor – with common areas, therapy rooms, and staff facilities.

Design work is underway and construction is scheduled to begin in 2024. The first residents could move in in early 2027. Photo credit: LIVINGSTAV

The agreement between the public and private sectors – namely the City of Brno and the BeneVita Group – means that the developer will build on land owned by the City of Brno, and the new building will be owned by the city from the beginning and will remain its property. The BeneVita Group will operate the nursing home under a 30-year contract. At the end of this period, the City of Brno will become the operator of the old people’s home.

The management will be paid according to the system common to other nursing homes: through payments from clients in the amount set by a ministerial decree, a care allowance, and payments from health insurance companies. Contributions from the state budget and the South Moravian Region are also planned.

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