Cloudy Week Forecast In Czech Republic As August Brings Lower Temperatures 

Some light rain is expected on Tuesday and Friday. Average temperatures will fall, with Thursday being the hottest day with highs of 33°. Photo credit: Freepik

Brno, August 1 (BD) – Monday will not be too hot, with temperatures between 15° and 25°, and overcast skies in the afternoon, though rain is not expected. Tuesday should be a breezy day, with peak temperatures not exceeding 27°. Cloudy skies may bring some light rain in the afternoon, and light northeasterly winds of 9km/h.

Wednesday will be a warmer and sunnier day, with few clouds and daytime temperatures around 29°. It will also be warm on Thursday, with some cloud cover during the afternoon, and maximum temperatures forecast of 33°.

The weekend will start with warm temperatures and some scattered rain, with a 66 percent chance of precipitation, and temperatures between 21° and 30°. Saturday will be a rainless day with maximum temperatures of 25° and a northerly and northwesterly winds of 13 km/h. Sunday should likewise alternate between sun and clouds, with an average temperature of around 21°

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