Ostriches Return To Brno Zoo After Seven Years Thanks To New Facilities 

The African safari at Brno Zoo has been expanded with three two-toed ostriches. Thanks to the construction of new facilities, the zoo can return to breeding these flightless African birds after seven years. The opening ceremony of this new habitat took place yesterday, Thursday 21 July, with a tour of the facilities and the release of the ostriches into the outdoor exhibit. Photo credit: Zoo Brno 

Brno, July 22 (BD) – Brno Zoo welcomed three two-toed ostriches into new facilities, after seven years of absence. The opening ceremony and a tour of the new buildings took place yesterday, where visitors could observe the ostriches after their release into the outdoor exhibit.

“Brno Zoo is a popular place especially for parents with children, so we try to make the possibilities for visitors as interesting and varied as possible. The new ostrich exhibition will definitely contribute to this. This is another investment towards the expansion and modernisation of Brno Zoo. I am glad that, in addition to the opportunities for visitors, the facilities for the animals themselves are also being improved,” said Petr Hladik, 1st Deputy Mayor of Brno. The total cost of the construction was CZK 6.6 million, CZK 5.5 million of which came from the City of Brno.

The new facilities include three ostrich quarters, connected to two fenced enclosures. On the southern side of the building there is a brick shelter with a pitched roof. The entire facility is connected to the on-site drinking water supply and other networks.

“We are currently breeding one male and two female two-toes ostriches, all born last year to a private breeder. They arrived at Brno Zoo at the beginning of June this year when they gradually started to get used to their new home. Now we are waiting for the phase of familiarization with the outdoor exhibition in the Safari enclosure, where we will gradually let them in and observe their reactions and interactions with other animals,” explained Petr Suvorov, curator of bird breeding at Brno Zoo.

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