Cooler Week Expected In The Czech Republic, With Some Rain

Meteorologists are predicting a cloudy week with a few rainy days. Temperatures will drop and will rarely hit 30°. The weekend is expected to be dry, but with overcast skies. Photo credit: KB / Brno Daily

Czech Republic, July 4 (BD) – A warm but cloudy day is expected on Monday. The maximum temperature is expected to be 29°, the minimum is 21°. Light westerly winds of 3m/s may bring rain clouds during the afternoon and night. The expected chance of precipitation is around 70%.

On the first of this week’s holidays, Tuesday, 5 July, the forecast is for a rainy day and a drop in temperature; the average perceived temperature will be around 20°.

On Wednesday and Thursday temperatures will be lower than in recent weeks, with a maximum of 23° and minimum 15°. The sky will be overcast on both days, with the possibility of a few light showers in the afternoon.

The weather should recover during the first day of the weekend. On Friday, temperatures will remain below 25°, the morning will be breezy and the clouds will give way to sunny skies in the afternoon.

On Saturday and Sunday no showers are expected; the chance of rain is between 10% and 25%, however the sky will be overcast and temperatures will not exceed 23°.

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