Forecast For A Muggy Week With Some Rain

Showers are forecast on Tuesday and Wednesday; otherwise this week should be marked by hot temperatures, with peaks of up to 33°. Photo credit: Freepik

Czech Republic, June 27 (BD) – The week will begin with a warm and sunny Monday. Temperatures will reach 33° and the maximum UV Index will be 9, very high. Despite south-easterly winds of 17 km/h, the atmosphere will be muggy.

Tuesday will be equally warm, with the temperature hovering around 30°, before dropping more than 10° overnight. The air will be humid and cloudy skies with showers and thunderstorms are expected. The probability of precipitation is 88%. Wednesday will be similar with temperatures between 18° and 30°, and cloudy skies with showers throughout the day.

Thursday and Friday will be clear with a few scattered clouds and high temperatures. Winds will be low and the weather sultry, with temperatures expected to be between 22° and 32°.

Saturday is expected to be a cloudy but warm day. Overnight a gentle breeze from the northwest will probably bring some passing rain, with probability around 40%. On Sunday clouds will cover the sky creating mugginess during the morning and a few showers in the afternoon. Winds will blow at 15km/h, chances of rain are around 60 percent, and temperatures will be between 18° and 31°.

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