Vehicle Access To Náměstí Svobody To Be Significantly Limited For The Safety of Pedestrians

Business owners, residents, suppliers and service providers will only be allowed to drive on Náměstí Svobody until 10:30am. The new regime will come into force from 1 July, initially as a three-month pilot scheme. The city authorities hope to significantly reduce the passage of cars through this area and ensure greater safety for pedestrians. Compliance with the new rules will be enforced by the municipal police. Photo credit: Brno City Municipality

Brno, June 24 (BD) – According to the new rules, business owners, residents, caterers, artisans and other service providers will be able to enter the square exclusively from 6am to 10.30am. Individual short-term exemptions will still be available, such as when moving house. Carsharing and taxi services will be completely prohibited from entering the square.

“As the central sub-area was quite large, licensed drivers could cut their way through Masarykova and Náměstí Svobody,” said Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková (ODS). “The area will now be divided into three smaller sub-areas: náměstí Svobody, Joštova and Masarykova-Kobližná. This alone will eliminate some of the cars. With the current measures, we are trying to calm the traffic as much as possible on Náměstí Svobody, where many well-attended cultural and social events take place during the summer.” 

Entry restrictions will not apply to emergency services, car park owners, disabled people, social or health service providers, or those with long-term entry permits issued by the council for activities such as refuse collection.

“At the end of September, we will evaluate the experience and data we gather during the summer months and, if necessary, we will make adjustments to the regime, not only for Náměstí Svobody itself, but for the whole city centre. The aim is to dramatically reduce car traffic and provide a safer and more comfortable pedestrian environment appropriate for the area. At the same time, we will also prepare other steps to discourage drivers who may intend to disobey traffic regulations,” said the Brno city councillor for transport, Petr Kratochvíl (ODS).

About 1,000 cars a day now pass through the square, of which 200 are taxis, 200 are residents, and 150 are business owners. There are 11,000 vehicles authorised to enter the historic centre and 5,000 cars permitted into the pedestrianised area.

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