New Start iD App Will Help South Moravian Students Find Part-Time Jobs, Internships or Apprenticeships

The new Start iD web application was presented at the My Future Conference by Miloš Šifalda, the director of the South Moravian Centre for International Mobility (JCMM), which invented and created the application. The app will help South Moravian students find part-time work, internships or apprenticeships, and allow companies to find temporary employees. Photo credit: JMK

Brno, June 21 (BD) – How to connect 50,000 South Moravian students and 500 South Moravian companies in 2022? The JCMM organisation, which developed the Start iD web application, presented their answer to this question on Friday, 17 June, at the My Future Conference in Brno.

The conference was opened by Jiří Nantl, Deputy Governor of the South Moravian Region. “For me, the most important thing is that the structure of educational opportunities in this region allows every child to choose the path they want,” he said. He added that a young person carries more with them into life than just grades on a report card, and that he hoped work experience would become standard in the future at secondary schools in the South Moravian Region.

According to South Moravian Region Councillor Jiří Hlavenka, the issue of connecting students and companies is a typical interdisciplinary space located between the world of education and the labour market, which is quite difficult to treat using one system. “JCMM focuses a lot on the area of career guidance. This area has been mostly untouched by modern technology until now. Because we live in a technological age, JCMM has prepared one modern innovation just for the field of career counselling, which it will present at the conference,” said Hlavenka.

After the introductory presentation, JCMM director Miloš Šifalda presented a new application that should solve various problems for employers, schools, and especially students in the South Moravian Region. The Start iD app works on the web and can be used from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. High school students set up an account, and update it with their educational achievements and extracurricular activities, recording school and extracurricular projects, interests, and information about the jobs they would be interested in. When their profile is complete, they will be able to apply for part-time jobs, or arrange internships and apprenticeships with companies that interest them.

“If every high school student has this tool and companies use it too, we will move forward and help students take their lives more into their own hands,” said Jiří Nantl.

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