Brno Police Intercept Electric Lamborghini Driven By Children

Two small boys were found driving a children’s electric Lamborghini on the Old Highway this Saturday. While the boys were initially scared when intercepted by police officers, they were soon bragging that the car could go up to 300 kilometres per hour. Photo credit: Brno City Police

Brno, 7 June (BD) – Two little boys in a yellow children’s sports car were driving along Brno’s Old Highway at the weekend. The unusual yet dangerous scene was reported to police on line 156 by a driver who spotted the toy car. 

The car, which attracted attention for its brand and colour, as well as its size and passengers, raced along the Old Highway on Saturday afternoon. Spotting the yellow Lamborghini with two small boys on board, an adult driver driving in the same direction pulled over and stopped the electric car. 

It took only a moment for a city police unit to arrive on the four-lane road in Bystrc. The officers parked the regular-size police car to protect the children from traffic, and asked the two young adventurers what they were doing on the busy road. 

The boys were in the early years of primary school. One of them started crying at first, but soon they were both talking to the officers without a second thought. The police let the children demonstrate how to open the hood and inspected the two stored batteries. 

The boys boasted that the car could reach up to 300 kilometres per hour and suggested they back up to the housing estate. They said they had accidentally taken a wrong turn. The officers waited with the children while state police officers contacted their parents, who were brought to the scene. A city police patrol took the children and their parents safely from the highway via the nearest exit.

Credit: Brno City Police

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