Police Step Up Inspections On Cyclists To Ensure Use of Correct Safety Equipment

Roads are not always a safe place for cyclists, and since the season is in full swing, police officers last week stepped up efforts to focus on bicycle safety and mutual consideration with other road users. During inspections of cyclists, they drew attention to the mandatory equipment of the bicycle and the use of bicycle helmets. Photo credit: policie.cz

Brno, 28 May (BD) – Cyclists, unlike drivers, are not protected by their vehicle, so they are often more at risk in any possible collision. However, many of the inspections found issues with the bicycles they were checking. Minor defects, such as missing reflectors, were usually resolved with the police by agreement, and they helped to arrange a solution at the place where the bike was retrofitted with a reflective element. However, they also uncovered more serious offences, for which the cyclists were fined.

60 such fines were handed out in the South Moravian Region. Among them was a 20-year-old courier on an electric scooter, who in Brno’s Nové sady failed to give priority to the oncoming vehicle when turning left and caused an accident. He escaped the collision miraculously unharmed, though the same was probably not true of the food he had in the box on his back. However, the majority of cyclists had everything in order, and were rewarded with praise and a small gift from the patrols.

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