Prague Ranked Among Top Five Cities In Europe To Raise A Family 

A recent study conducted by e-learning platform Preply of over 130 European cities across three categories: ‘Education’, ‘Health and Safety’ and ‘Leisure and Lifestyle’, has ranked Prague as the 5th best city to raise children. Photo credit: Freepik

Brno, 24 May (BD) – Prague’s high score was largely due to its strength in the ‘leisure and lifestyle’ category, thanks to the combination of the country’s paid maternity leave (196 days), the 8th longest in Europe, and Prague’s wealth of leisure/sports centres and lower cost of living. The capital also ranks 5th in ratio of museums to residents and its crime rate was the 17th lowest among all cities analysed.

Brno was also a part of the study, but did not rank as highly, rated as the 49th best city in Europe to raise a family. The Czech Republic’s second-largest city suffers in comparison due to its smaller range of education options, parks and leisure facilities per capita. Compared to Prague’s good score in the health and safety category, Brno also ranks lower due to its higher crime rate and high levels of air pollution.

Due to high crime rates, high levels of pollution, and a poor distribution of educational facilities per capita in comparison to other cities, London placed the lowest in the overall ranking. You can read more about the research here.

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