Brno’s Student Majales Festival To Take Place This Friday In Brno-Komárov

Brno’s long-running student music festival, Studentsky Majales, will take place on Friday at the event grounds on Hněvkovského in Brno-Komárov. The event kicks off at 3.30pm. Photo credit: Studentsky Majales.  

Brno, May 18 (BD) – The traditional student festival, which takes place every May, will include four different themed stages representing different kinds of music. The Love stage and Flow stage will be fully dedicated to live artists and bands, while the Party stage and DNB stage will be oriented to DJ sets. All artist performances will last one hour.  

Credit: Studentsky Majales.

Among the headliners, Slovak Rapper Majk Spirit will be performing on the Love stage as the last artist at 11.30pm. Earlier that day, on the same stage, the Czech pop singer Lenny will be performing at 7.30pm.

On the Flow stage, do not miss Gleb, a Russian-born rapper based for a long time in Slovakia, who will be performing some powerful dark rap at 8.30pm. REDZED, who combine rap/trap with metal, will close the same stage that day at 10.30pm.

The stages and line-up are configured so that audiences can switch quickly from one stage to another. Ticket will cost CZK 200; all information on the festival can be found at the website, or on Facebook. Tickets are available from  

Credit: Studentsky Majales.
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