Family crossing a road on rainy day

Showers and Thunderstorms This Week In The Czech Republic; Warmer Weather By The Weekend

The recent dry weather will come to an end this week. Clouds are already moving in from the west already today and towards the evening. Rain is expected especially on Tuesday, and meteorologists expect it to continue over the weekend. However, it should also start to warm up on Friday, with daytime high temperatures possibly reaching a tropical 30 degrees Celsius, according to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ). Photo credit: Freepik 

Czech Republic, May 16 (BD) – Today will still be sunny with temperatures up to 28 degrees across the whole country. However, it will gradually turn cloudy and showers or thunderstorms may appear in places in the Czech Republic in the evening, with a temporary increase in wind. On Tuesday, it will be cloudy and overcast across the country, with rain in most areas. Daily high temperatures should not exceed 22 degrees Celsius, and winds of more than 50 km/h may occur.

Wednesday and Thursday will again be sunny with highs around 23 degrees. Friday could thus be a so-called tropical day, when the temperature reaches at least 30 degrees Celsius. But you should also prepare for rain. Showers or thunderstorms may appear again temporarily on Friday and during the weekend, which could then be cloudy, but is expected to be equally warm.

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