St. Anne’s Hospital Will Reward Blood Donors With A Chocolate Gift During Easter Donation Drive

For two weeks, blood donors participating in St. Anne’s Hospital’s Spring Blood Donation drive will receive a themed chocolate gift in exchange for their benevolent contribution. Photo credit: St. Anne’s hospital 

Brno, April 13 (BD) – From Monday 11 April, blood donors can visit the “Easter Carol” at the collection centre of the Transfusion Department of St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno (FNUSA). In addition to the good feeling of helping others, 450 ml of the precious liquid will also earn them a themed chocolate gift. 

Those interested can register via the online form at or by phone at 543 182 190 (7am-3pm). In addition to the sweet surprise, they will also receive the standard perks such as a day off, tax discount, refreshments at St. Anne’s Bistro, and rewards from hospital partners and health insurance companies. The Easter event will run for two weeks, ending on Friday, 22 April.

“Donation is voluntary and non-contributory, and the primary motivation should always be a good feeling from helping others, but we like to pamper our donors and try to think of something extra to thank them at least once a month,” said Jarmila Celerová, head of the Transfusion Department at FNUSA. “We are very grateful to all the companies that are helping us in this initiative and providing us with various rewards for donors,” she added.

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