Czech Government Approves Funding Framework For Facilities Housing Ukrainian Refugees

At a meeting on Wednesday, the government focused on the issue of ensuring sufficient accommodation capacity for Ukrainians fleeing the war. The existing facilities, located mainly in Prague, Central Bohemia and South Moravia, are gradually becoming insufficient for the massive influx of refugees. Photo credit:

Czech Republic, March 18 (BD) – A government meeting was held on 16 March to discuss accommodation facilities for Ukrainian refugees, as the growing number of new arrivals is set to overwhelm the existing accommodation capacity. 

The government has therefore instructed regional governors and the mayor of Prague, in cooperation with the mayors of municipalities and city districts, to designate temporary emergency shelter and emergency accommodation capacity for refugees from Ukraine, according to the quotas agreed by the government and regional governors. Depending on the type and owner of the facilities provided, contributions for the accommodation and possibly food will be provided from the state budget.

Regions or municipalities that provide accommodation for refugees will receive funding of up to CZK 250 per night per person accommodated. In addition, the Ministry of Regional Development will prepare a subsidy programme for the construction of new temporary accommodation facilities or the reconstruction of existing facilities. At its meeting on Wednesday, the government of Petr Fiala also approved a decree for state institutions to release all possible accommodation capacity for the needs of the regions and Prague.

In the case of temporary emergency shelters, which could include gyms, sports and cultural centres or tent camps owned by the region or municipality, the government will pay CZK 200 per person per night, while the regions or municipalities are obliged to provide accommodation, basic necessities, and food. If the accommodation is emergency accommodation in facilities that are otherwise used for housing or accommodation (such as hostels or school accommodation) and have adequate infrastructure, the compensation is also CZK 200 per day. 

In the case of accommodation owned by other entities, the amount increases to CZK 250. Compensation allowances will be paid retroactively from 24 February for accommodation provided by regions or the Prague Mayor. The government will probably decide next week on the amount and method of payment of compensation for those who have received refugees in private houses and apartments.

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