In Brief: 21 Signs In Brno and Surrounding Areas To Assist Drivers from Ukraine

The Police have installed 21 road signs to help people arriving from Ukraine. Photo credit: Policie JMK

Brno, March 10 (BD) – The South Moravian Police Department and Brno Roads (Brněnské komunikace), have designed and produced a new set of road signs in Ukrainian and Czech. Since last Friday, they have been making it easier for drivers heading for the Brno Exhibition Centre and the refugee assistance centre.

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Thanks to the road signs, it is easier for drivers to find the Assistance Centre for refugees. Photo credit: Policie JMK.

“Despite the closures on the route in the city, Ukrainian-speaking drivers can travel to the center more comfortably,” said Pavel Šváb, spokesman for the South Moravian Police Department.

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