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South Moravia Preparing Help Center and Accommodation For Refugees 

On the morning of 28 February, the South Moravian Region assessed the available accommodation capacity for migrants arriving from Ukraine. According to Governor Jan Grolich (KDU-CSL), the region currently has 500 spaces in various hotels and accommodation facilities. Photo credit:

Brno, 1 March (BD) –  “I checked the number at noon today, and it has definitely increased since then. I assume that through today and tomorrow we will definitely reach a number in the thousands,” said Grolich. He added that he was deliberately referring to hotels and guesthouses. “We want to ensure decent conditions for refugees, so they don’t have to deal with gym chairs in this first wave. That is why we are contacting facilities with catered food as well as all the other necessary facilities,” said Grolich.

In the coming days, an Assistance Help Center should also be set up in each region. “This will ensure first contact and allow refugees to complete the initial formalities in one place,” said Grolich. “The point is for people arriving there to complete the first registration, which must be made within three days of arrival, and obtain a visa as easily as possible.” He added that the centre should be established in a matter of days and will be located at the Brno Exhibition Center, most likely in Hall B. At present, the South Moravian contact centre of the Department of Asylum and Migration is located on Tuřanka in Brno-Slatina.

In terms of humanitarian and material assistance, the region is trying to help its partner Lviv region to meet its needs. “The vast majority are things that can’t be easily bought,” said Grolich. “These are specific items: medical devices, hospital beds or, for example, diesel generators. We try to secure them through the hospitals and medical facilities we set up. Then we will transport them to our partner region. We are not planning any large warehouses, in our opinion it makes sense to meet their specific needs.”

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