New Electric Trains To Replace Old Locomotives In South Moravia

Škoda is to deliver 37 new electric trains to South Moravia by the end of this year. The new trains will replace the old 242-series locomotives. Image credit: Ceske Drahy

Brno, Feb 14 (BD) – All 37 new electric Moravia trains are to be delivered by Škoda Transportation to the South Moravian Region by the end of this year, according to a report in Brnensky Denik. The cost is almost CZK 6.7 billion, with CZK 5.5 billion to be covered by a subsidy from the European Union. The new trains are to run mainly on the busy lines S2, between Křenovice, Brno and Letovice, and S3, between Hustopeče, Brno and Tišnov.

The new trains are part of a gradual replacement of the 242 series locomotives. “Within two to three years, the need for these locomotives will drop from around 50 locomotives across the country to the last few units,” said Petr Št’ahlavský, spokesman for Czech Railways (ČD). The operator hopes that the replacements will reduce the variety of trains running on its networks, simplifying maintenance and repairs.

Photo credit: Ceske Drahy via Twitter, Series 242 old locomotive

Also being replaced are the older electric units of the 560 series in South Moravia. “We are counting on the retirement of types that are at the end of their service life, but also those that are represented in small numbers or whose operation is unviable for various reasons”, said Michal Kraus, deputy director general of ČD for service.

Škoda Transportation Group will carry out regular renovation of the electrical vehicles for Czech Railways (ČD) at its plant in Šumperk. The duration of the contract is five years, and the total cost is almost CZK 1 billion. 

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