Credit: Michal Ruzicka

TIC Brno Offering 19 Walking Tours of Brno To Mark International Tourist Guide Day

Since 1990, February 21st has been celebrated worldwide as International Tourist Guide Day. After an enforced break last year, TIC Brno is once again organising several walking tours of the city to mark the event. On the weekend of February 19th-20th, there will be 19 tours taking place on various themes led by professional guides, including one in English and one in German. Photo credit: Michal Růžička

Brno, Feb 4 (BD) – “One of the most important roles of TIC Brno is to raise interest in the city and to convey knowledge to those interested, both locals and from abroad. We like looking for new and unusual perspectives on how to see the city and its history, personalities and phenomena,” said Jana Janulíková, director of TIC Brno. According to the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations, which established International Tourist Guide Day, this day highlights the important work of guides and the importance of tourism in general.

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Photo credit: Michal Růžička

On February 19th-20th, a total of 19 tours will be led by 16 guides, including one in English and one in German of the city centre. The morning tours will start at 10am on both days, and the afternoon tours at 2pm, including a selection of proven classics and the most popular routes. Tours will focus on Brno legends and attractions, Brno in the Middle Ages (or in the Baroque period), Brno’s churches, or Brno 100 years ago, as well as a tour of the statues in Brno’s public spaces. 

Advance ticket sales are open from February 1st at the information centres at Panenská 1, or under the crocodile at Radnická 8, and also online. The number of tickets is limited.

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