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Police Called To Scene of Dispute Between Elderly Neighbors Over Doormat Full Of Sand

Police officers were contacted by a senior citizen who found a large pile of sand on the front doormat of her apartment, claiming someone did it deliberately. Credit : Freepik

Brno, Feb 3 (BD) – On Tuesday, a 74-year-old woman found a stack of sand on the front doormat outside her apartment, and decided to call the police. When they arrived, she told them that the sand must have been intentionally dumped outside her door, and accused her 79-year-old neighbour. 

Officers then approached the older woman, who complained that the initial complainant had a large vacuum cleaner and that she could hear the noise of her shoes from her apartment very often. Asked about the pile of sand on the carpet, the woman avoided answering the question and remained evasive about the subject. 

Officers were able to establish that the dispute between the two women had apparently been going on for several years, and the case has therefore been passed to the administrative body on suspicion of a misdemeanor against civil coexistence.

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