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New Zoning Plan For Brno Nearing Completion After 25 Years

The creation of a new zoning plan is a very complex process for cities, and Brno’s efforts to replace its zoning plan have failed several times in the past. However, Brno has now had three public hearings and over 8,000 submissions with comments from the public consultation. Photo credit:  Freepik

Brno, Jan 12 (BD) – “The process of creating a zoning plan is defined by the law. We have to go through several public hearings and subsequent settlement of comments,” said Filip Chvátal (KDU-ČSL), Brno City Councilor for Planning and Development. “After the presentation of the draft zoning plan, we received 8,200 individual submissions with comments. Each submission was approached with care and effort. Prior to the second public hearing, there were 3,000 individual submissions with comments. We currently have three public hearings and the number of submissions has dropped to 200. This shows that we have been able to find agreement during the negotiations.”

The final phase of the creation of the zoning plan is now underway, in which it must be approved and adopted at the meeting of the Brno City Council.

“By organizing public hearings, debates with citizens and city districts, Brno has fulfilled and gone well beyond the meaning and purpose of the Building Act,” said Chvátal. “The current zoning plan originally expired at the end of this year, which is still in danger if there is any uncertainty about the new building law. At the same time, we are working hard to complete the settlement of the latest comments and objections that arrived during the month of December. Based on the results of the conciliation proceedings and the settlement of the latest comments, we are preparing comprehensive material to issue a new zoning plan, which can be voted on at the June council meeting.”

The zoning plan will play a huge role in the planned development of the city, as it defines what can be built where and under what conditions. Brno currently has one of the oldest zoning plans in the Czech Republic, which has long been holding back development and contributing to the enormous rise in apartment and real estate prices.

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