Winter landscape on a river Dnieper in city Kremenchug, Ukraine

Brno City Police Issue Warning Against Walking On Frozen Bodies of Water

The river unit of Brno City Police has warned that frozen rivers and lakes are very often not as thick or solid as they appear, and urged the public to avoid walking on them. Credit: Freepik

Brno, Dec 29 (BD) – Contrary to appearances, most frozen surfaces in Brno are definitely not thick enough for the public to walk on safely. At Brno Dam, the ice was measured as five centimeters thick at the dock, and just two centimeters at the Sokol swimming pool area. In Mariánské údolí, the ice was an average of four centimeters. Measurements at the Žebětín pond were surprising, as it usually freezes early with quite strong ice coverage, but officers from the river unit nonetheless recorded ice of just four centimeters.

Furthermore, temperatures are expected to rise in the coming days, and the quality of the ice is likely to decline. According to a statement from the city police, walking onto frozen areas is taking your life in your hands. Police emphasised that the public should not follow the example of solo ice-skaters who upload videos to social networks, as these people often carry professional equipment for escaping from the ice, and practice rescuing themselves. It also cannot be ruled out that these videos were recorded several times, with only the successful video posted online.

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