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Man Intercepted By Brno Police Due To Sexual Harassment Was Wanted Nationwide

A woman sleeping on a bench on Saturday night in Denisovy sady caught the attention of an unknown man, who sat down next to her and watched her for about half an hour. 

Brno, Dec 28 (BD) – Luckily, the 34-year-old man caught the attention of staff at the city police surveillance center,  so when he began touching himself in a sexual manner, police officers were sent to the park immediately. The surveillance center also raised the suspicion that the man was probably an individual wanted by the Czech Police. 

Attending the scene, police officers asked for the man’s identity and whether he knew the woman he was sitting next to. The man admitted that he did not know her, and claimed that he had approached her to ask for a cigarette. After verifying his personal data, the police officers confirmed that the man was on a national list of individuals wanted by the police. The city police then transferred him to the state police force on suspicion of criminal behaviour. 

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