passport and a smart phone with a digital of a certificate of vaccination against the Covid-19 disease.

TEČKA Application Malfunctions On First Day of Exclusion of Unvaccinated From Public Places

Since yesterday, the TEČKA application has created problems for many users who cannot easily access their vaccination certificate due to a malfunction of the system. Credit: Freepik.

Czech Rep, Nov 23 (BD) – Since yesterday, TEČKA, the government-operated application that allows access to vaccination certificates, has been malfunctioning. The issues coincide with the first day of new government rules that mean a vaccination (or recovery) certificate is required for entry to pubs, restaurants, and many other public spaces.

The company announced on Twitter that the application ran into problems due to an update of the servers.

However, the certificate is still accessible by clicking on the red banner and selecting the update button, through which it is possible to update the parameters.

The company has reassured users that although the certificate appears invalid, and despite the problems of updating the parameters, the certificate and QR code are still valid, even abroad.

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