Christmas Markets Are Coming Back To Brno

The Christmas markets are coming back to the squares of Brno, to recreate the Christmas atmosphere with gastronomic delights, Christmas products and a program full of events. Credit: Michal Ruzicka / TIC Brno.

Brno, Nov 20 (BD) – The Christmas atmosphere will spread through the squares of Brno from November 26th to December 23rd, with the long-awaited Christmas markets.

The anticipated Christmas tree, which will arrive today in Brno, is the focus of the preparations, while the squares are swarming with traders who are preparing to open their stalls to the public.

The long-awaited opening day is November 26th, the day when the Christmas tree will be lit and the markets will also begin.

“The tree will be lit from the morning, when the vendors will start opening their stalls, and in the afternoon we will also have a cultural program,” said Jana Janulíková, director of TIC BRNO. “For example, the Czech Christmas Mass will be performed – Rybovka for Banat, the Brno Children’s Choir will perform under the direction of choirmaster Valerie Maťašová. In the evening, visitors will also be able to watch a light show, which will have six repetitions, so that spectators can walk around the square and no unwanted crowds form.” 

Markets and events will be set up on Náměstí Svobody, Dominikánské náměstí, Zelný trh, and next to the statue of Jošt on Moravské náměstí, with more events taking place in the courtyard of the Old Town Hall.

Náměstí Svobody

In addition to the Christmas tree, in the main square you can find the Winter Bar, which offers punch, cider, and ginger drinks; as well as a rich musical and cultural program. Every evening, there will be two concerts on the main stage, from jazz to swing through funk, gospel, dulcimer music, up to Christmas carols and the Czech Christmas mass, which will symbolically end the markets.

New this year will be the opening of winter gardens at numerous cafes and restaurants, giving you the opportunity to sit and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in the streets of the city.

Dominikánské náměstí

The highlight here is the Halouzek wooden nativity scene, one of the largest handmade nativity scenes in Central Europe, made up of hundreds of figures. In addition, a small stage will be built in the square for theatrical performances.

In Dominikánské náměstí there will also be events for the kids, who will have the opportunity to listen to fairy tales and write letters to Santa Claus.

In Jalta pasáž, young and old alike can enjoy watching a film in the winter cinema on the loungers, and relax wrapped in a blanket.

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